Effective Reading Intervention, Dyslexia Screenings, Consultations and Advocacy

Dyslexia Consultant, Screener and Orton Gillingham based Tutor Kathy Johnson

Simplistic Solutions in Elkhorn, NE, provides comprehensive consultations as well as conducts a highly accurate screening to determine if an individual fits the dyslexia profile. I offer effective, evidence-based interventions for those who struggle with reading, writing and spelling. The fact is, students must learn to read before they can read to learn.
My services aim to achieve an understanding of dyslexia and provide effective tutoring in order to achieve success in all aspects of life.
Many students are at risk for reading failure in our school systems. These students display many common characteristics such as difficulty with rhyming, trouble spelling, difficulty memorizing sight words for reading and spelling, mixing up the sounds in syllables and words, sound and letter confusion, and not meeting reading fluency benchmarks.
Research has shown that certain instructional methods work well for this specific group of students. By using these methods, we can prevent these students from suffering lifelong difficulties with reading, writing and spelling.

Service Areas

Dyslexia consulting and screenings are provided throughout the state of Nebraska. I will travel to assist families in need. The Orton Gillingham based tutoring services are offered anywhere using our most up to date remote tutoring program allowing interactive, online sessions as well as personally in the Greater Omaha area using A-Z Reading Intervention Program, Barton Reading & Spelling System and Wilson Language.